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The New Age of Leadership

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the norm has become putting a misplaced emphasis on reports and statistics rather than on people. You need to declare: “I am the leader.” Declaring is a great first step, but declaration is not enough. You actually have to be a leader and you must be a good one. Understand that leadership is second in importance only to your license to practice.

The new age definition for leadership is as follows: Leadership is the capacity to influence others by unleashing their power and potential to impact the greater good.

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Understand this:

“People without information cannot act responsibly.”

Then, it must follow that:

“People with information are compelled to act responsibly.”

Who is Responsible

Do your employees know anything or, better yet, everything about your goals and visions? Every owner also wants the employees to take ownership for their responsibilities. Why then, do so many owners forget to give employees the tools needed to make for a more successful outcome and a better work environment? Usually, it is because the owner believes the employees should know their jobs intuitively and then, that owner does not care or does not know how to coach their employees.


What is the Secret?

Doctor/owners often assume they can go about their day, work hard, be nice to their employees, and then assume, because of the employees’ past training and experience that the employees will automatically know what to do. YOU need to train them how YOU want things done. If you cut your employees loose without any direction, they will lose their way, and your practice will suffer immeasurably.

Treat them as if they were full partners (i.e., be transparent with your measurements of their progress mentioned above), and they will take ownership of their responsibilities. When you think of your people as partners, they take responsibility for what they do, and that is exactly what you want them to do. This means you have to show them why you are monitoring and measuring their performance and then give them the tools and training they need to succeed, and show them the targets they need to aim at for success.

Being a leader is not about ability.

Being a leader is about responsibility

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