Our Guarantee

Business Life Cycle Management

Our Guarantee

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Our goal is to be certain you are satisfied with the solid content and professional delivery of our recommendations, advice and coaching.

We guarantee what we have control over.

We agree to comply with the following code of ethics and conduct without qualification or reservation:

  • We will not misrepresent its abilities, competencies, experience, or client work and will provide prospects and clients with factual and honest descriptions of our capabilities.
  • We will not divulge client confidences and/or proprietary material to other clients, prospects, colleagues, or other parties without specific permission from duly empowered client officers.
  • We will not use others’ work without full attribution and permission, including written materials, graphs, models, concepts, and other intellectual property clearly belonging to others.
  • We will observe all copyright, trademark, service mark, registration, patent, and other legal protection afforded others’ work.
  • We will provide fees to all clients as requested, will seek expense reimbursement solely for honestly incurred, legitimate expenses, and will promptly return any monies paid Tracker Enterprises, Inc. in error.
  • We will not engage in deceptive marketing and sales practices, including but not limited to: false claims, citing resources which do not exist, claiming clients which do not exist, paying for and/or providing testimonials under assumed names, and fabricating client results.
  • We will strive to reconcile all client complaints and grievances, and will return appropriate fees if the client factually proves that a project’s lack of success was directly due to the poor quality of our work.
  • We will make decisions and recommendations based on the client’s best interests and not our own.
  • We will not intentionally foment or foster internal client “turf warfare” or the undermining of client personnel.
  • We will endeavor to do what is right in ambiguous and uncertain situations and will raise the issues honestly with our client so that a high ethical conduct is maintained.

Adopted from Society for the Advancement of Consulting