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Business Life Cycle Management

Tracker Enterprises, Inc. can help you operate a sustainable, profitable, and salable practice or successfully work for someone else.

Whether you are just starting your healthcare career, growing your practice, improving and optimizing your practice, or thinking of transitioning out of your practice, we can assist you in meeting and then exceeding your goals.

We are all about helping you meet and exceed the BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT
of your healthcare career.

Why? Because all of us will experience different stages in our business life cycles throughout our careers as healthcare professionals. During our journey, we want to meet or exceed our goals. Imagine how satisfying your professional journey can be if you have a definite plan throughout each of those business life cycles you will experience.

You are in or will be in one of the following stages of your professional life cycle or transitioning between stages:

  1. Launch – just starting or considering your career.
  2. Expand – in practice, but wanting to grow.
  3. Optimize – wanting to be the best provider you can be.
  4. Sell – considering a transition out of practice.

Each life cycle of your practice is aimed at focusing on the strategies necessary to exit your practice in style. So, whether you are just starting your practice, growing your practice, improving your practice, thinking of transitioning out of your practice, or whether you plan on working for someone else, WE CAN HELP!

If you would like to gain a more, in-depth knowledge of what you need to understand as a healthcare professional in order to succeed in the business side of your career, Dr. Pavlik invites you to read his critically acclaimed book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals, available at Amazon by clicking here.

Practice Life Cycle Solutions

Tracker Tip of the Day

October 18, 2021

Ask Your Customers for Suggestions

Don’t just ask: “How was your appointment with us today.” That only stimulates a “Fine” type of response. You need more.

Instead, say something like: “I wonder if I could ask you one question. Is there anything that we could have done differently today that would have made your experience with us better?” If the customer says “No,” follow up with a sincere “Are you sure?”

Listen to your customers, and then take action on what you hear. And, be sure to listen without being defensive.

- Blanchard & Hutson, “The One Minute Entrepreneur”

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We address every stage of your healthcare career including:

  • Still studying to be a healthcare provider,
  • In the military trying to decide what to do next,
  • Being hired or considering becoming an employee in another practice,
  • Thinking of starting your own practice,
  • Working as an office manager trying to improve the practice,
  • Working as an ancillary professional (therapist, hygienist, etc.),
  • Just getting started in your own private practice,
  • Making the most of your existing practice, or
  • Considering a transition out of practice.

We provide services for every healthcare professional including:

  • Dentists
  • Medical physicians
  • Osteopathic physicians
  • Naturopathic physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Veterinary physicians
  • Military doctors
  • Other ancillary healthcare providers and office managers
  • Students studying for a degree in the healthcare professions

If you are looking to associate as an employee or independent contractor, click here for more information:  Associates

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You need to Focus on Your Patients' Health

To be a successful healer, you must have a business operation that’s healthy. There are no patients to treat when there’s no viable clinic, staff, equipment, or a financially sound doctor. Your ability to have a profitable, sustainable, scalable, and ultimately salable practice means that you’re comfortable with the status of your personal welfare and your team, and therefore, you can devote your entire cognitive capacity to solving and preventing the health issues of your patient.

We have tried to cover every subject from your education through the end of your healthcare career. We hope you will be prompted to further your business acumen and then contact us to discuss your thoughts, concerns and goals. Make this commitment to yourself: invest what’s required to put into practice what you’ve worked so hard to master. Give your business development the time, thought, and money that it needs to support you for the rest of your life.

We work with healthcare professionals, wherever they happen to be in their business life cycle, to help them achieve success in that stage and in future stages of their careers. The goals are to be comfortable with the business of your practice, predictable with your cash flows, and to have money in your bank accounts. And ultimately, to be able to sell your practice to the right person, at the right time, for the most you possibly can.

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Imagine how satisfying your healthcare professional journey can be if you have a definite plan throughout each of your professional career business life cycles.

Our goal is to make your journey as
stress-free and successful as possible.

We are committed to your success

We’re here to make things work. While we provide services that address your practice life cycles including practice sales, purchases and transitions, practice management, and general business guidance, we are a service company and life cycle management think tank that gets things done for you. While we provide so many different services, we have one common goal — your success. Simply put, we’re here to make things work for you. 

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We listen. Because, we understand that we will learn nothing new by listening to ourselves talk. we listen to you well, respectfully and actively. Then, we speak up only when it’s right to do so and when we have the right answers. Together, we can solve almost any problem, so we want you to communicate early and often. 

We are in the relationship business. We will make no commitments and present no surprises without consulting with you first. We will make certain you understand our recommendations before proceeding with any changes. And most importantly, all of your information will remain confidential; we will provide and sign a document to verify that. We live by the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have done to you! 

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We can all succeed.  When our colleagues succeed, we all succeed. Road blocks and changes are part of business, so communicating quickly and openly is paramount to achieving the right solutions. We will always strive for the same goals – making you super successful. Sharing our thoughts with you are paramount to that goal. Above all, remember this: there is only one way – the right way

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If you would like to gain a more, in-depth knowledge of what you need to understand as a healthcare professional in order to succeed in the business side of your career, Dr. Pavlik invites you to read his critically acclaimed book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals.  

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