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Business Life Cycle Management

Our team

Dr. Paul J. Pavlik, President & CEO

For over 25 years, Dr. Paul J. Pavlik “walked the walk” as a successful healthcare provider. He has had the experiences of starting his own practice, leading a large team and associate doctors, and working with all kinds of insurance programs including traditional, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and capitation (CAP/HMO) plans. For the last 25 years, Dr. Pavlik has consulted on practice management, practice sales and leadership. He has worked with facilities with as few as 2 to over 600 employees.

Paul is the founder and CEO of Tracker Enterprises, Inc., a business advisory think tank that helps other doctors achieve financial success with unique tools previously unavailable – tools that do not replace but significantly augment information received from accountants, attorneys, bookkeepers, financial consultants, and software management programs. He coaches doctors on how to use sound Business Life Cycle Management principles including the LaunchGrowthExpansion and eventual Sale (Transition) out of clinical practice. Paul developed the unique IFF (Intuitive Financial Forecasting) practice management system to help doctors meet or exceed their goals. He authored the critically acclaimed book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals, and has written over 75 practice management articles. He has also developed unique online accredited Continuing Education Programs that teach doctors how to operate successful businesses and, in turn, successful and healthy practices.

Paul offers clients a “big picture” perspective that allows doctors to easily interpret their metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial reports with the added ability to improve forecasting, budgeting, and “what if” scenarios. Paul is proud to have earned the reputation of being known as a part-time, off-site, or virtual CFO to the doctors he advises and coaches.

Dr. Pavlik can be contacted at pjp@trackerenterprises.com   

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Mark S. A. Smith, Chief Marketing & Leadership Advisor

Mark Smith is a 36-year veteran of the business world, running his own company for 26 years, he works with companies large and small to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Mark designs and implements leadership, sales, marketing, customer acquisition and client conversion systems that find and recruit willing buyers for products and services ranging from common every-day to high-end unique and disruptive. He is often invited to speak at entrepreneurial and corporate events because Mark delivers unique, valuable, and pragmatic ideas to grow and succeed. With a deep understanding of international business, he worked in Europe for three years and has delivered events in 54 countries. Mark is the author of 13 published books books and sales guides and has authored more than 400 magazine articles. He is a genuine Guerrilla Marketing guru, co-authoring three books with Jay Conrad Levinson, and is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. A renaissance man with many talents, Mark is passionate about leadership, team building, teamwork, sales, and marketing. For over twenty years Mark has served as a strategic advisor to corporate leaders and executives all over the world who must develop the best way to bring in the right strategies for successful growth and sustainability. www.bijaco.com

Dr. Daniel J. Pavlik, Chief Advisor for Holistic & Chiropractic Medical Practices

Dr. Pavlik is currently the Chief Holistic Medical Officer for Access Health & Wellness Association (AHWA). Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to Tracker based on his extensive experience in chiropractic care, nutrition, fitness, and working with multi-disciplinary healthcare providers including chiropractors, medical physicians (including internal medicine, orthopedic, etc.), nutritionists, physical therapy specialists, etc. He started his practice in 1980, founded the largest chiropractic preferred provider organization in the nation with over 1,200 members, implemented 9 full service physical rehabilitation facilities, and developed a nutritional company responsible for the integration of nutraceutical programs and products for healthcare practices throughout the United States.

Dan set out to bridge the gap between holistic and conventional healthcare by bringing a social, web and content perspective to his vision for AHWA. By taking his experience and aligning it with technology expertise, AHWA has become an industry leading telemedicine platform with the ability to align patient realities with provider specialties. He has focused on building a bridge between holistic and conventional medicine and giving healthcare providers access to products, programs, and services to scale their practices. AHWA’s helps its members by providing unique educational programs, connecting with new patients, serving existing patients and using technology to scale both revenue and patient care. http://www.ahwa.com and http://www.ahwa.com/membership

Elena Pomazanova, Chief Advisor for Cyber Security & Technology 

Elena is President and CEO of Cyperᵀᴹ,  a company that analyzes, designs and integrates complex Tech and E-Commerce solutions for other companies, including Web, Mobile, SaaS, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services, BI and Cyber Security. Educational background: MBA for Executives, Master’s Degree in Banking Management, Master’s Degree in International Economics, Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, College Degree in Accounting, and Auditing. Collaborations: Tracker Enterprises, Inc.ᵀᴹ, Radio Canada, P&W, New Look Vision Group, New Look Eyeware, Greiche & Scaff, IRIS, Panda Shoes, Coco Village, LookSecure, Recall Max, Classo, Fabtooling, Garant Machinery, ArcelorMittal, British Telecom, Datacon, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). Personal mission: I help people and companies to achieve their goals. For more than 16 years, I’ve been doing my best to be their partner, not just a vendor. I’m unstoppable and completely focused on your outcomes. This is how I help you win your battles. I’m proud and privileged to work with the greatest minds that always do their best for your success. www.cyper.ca  

Aimee Haywood, Chief Advisor for Customer Service & Leadership 

Aimee Haywood’s background spans the construction, medical, hospitality, and non-profit worlds, but regardless of where she has been, her specialty has always been Customer Service & Leadership. She currently manages a highly trained team of Customer Service Reps at The Navigators, but has also worked for companies such as Classic Homes, Current, and BassPro Shops. Aimee believes that leaders aren’t there to tell their employees what to do, but to develop and invest in them so they can see what they are capable of doing. She is known in her field for her operational efficiency and deep care for her team.

Frank Candy, Healthcare Culture Architect & Marketing Expert

Frank Candy is dedicated to assisting smart dentists to solve the biggest problem in dentistry – how to attract and keep good employees and patients. Frank has operated professional service organizations for decades and he offers real world strategies that have improved and transformed dentists and their practices. 

Frank is an author, business executive, culture expert and busy consultant. Frank worked with Disney, Southwest Airlines Harley-Davidson and Good Year.Founder, CEO, Magic Business Success. He is an Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Best Selling Author, Disney Culture Expert, Founder of American Speakers Bureau Corp., Advisor to A-List Celebrities and Fortune 500 CEO’s, and dentists. Over 10,000 very satisfied clients. http://www.magicbusinessdental.com

Gary Carpenter, Chief Technology Advisor

Gary Carpenter’s background includes 35 years of technological and business systems development. He is owner of an international technology consulting firm specializing in business start-ups, business plans, leadership and transitional management. Gary has worked as a senior management executive at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and a consultant for SUN Microsystems, TRW, CBS, Nielsen and DiscoverWhy. He adapts big business success to the small business arena by evaluating the entire business picture and determining the best solutions from a systems, technology and operations standpoint.

Michael C. Connolly, Senior Financial Advisor

Mike Connolly has over 36 years of business & financial management experience including commercial banking, international television programming rights distribution, commercial construction, resort management, hospitality and property management. He is currently the General Manager at Triumph Mountain Properties. He is responsible for developing and implementing the strategies required to expand the top-line revenues of the business earned through its vacation rental activities, as well as expanding the portfolio of properties under management. Triumph Mountain Properties is a member of the Triumph Partners group of companies which also includes Triumph Development, Triumph Custom Homes, Triumph Recreation and Leisure, and an interest in Ascent Sotheby’s International Realty.

Terry w. Potter, Ph.D., Chief Data Analytics Advisor

Dr. Terry W. Potter isthe founder of Venture Solutions & Development, Inc., a management consulting company, with a focus on technology and services businesses in various market sectors. He helps identify, develop and/or improve new as well as existing process, technology and service offerings. His recent focus has been on data mining, discovery and big data analytics, self-service data preparation and visualization.