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If all you are provided with are stale, historical financial reports and reams of practice management software reports without receiving a clear opinion on the current and future financial status of your business, you need to supplement your reports with a financial forecasting tool that does. If your existing information doesn’t offer the ability to do “what if” scenarios, you need a tool that does. If you are used to being provided with accounting reports but not evaluations of those reports, you need a tool that gives you information in a language you understand and in a format so that you can evaluate the financial status of your practice in less than one hour per month.

“Tracker helped me to grasp the financial aspects of my practice. They were readily available if I had any questions and helped me through both the good and the bad times. They made the numbers make sense to me and helped me make financial decisions based on statistics instead of emotion.” – Dr. D. D., CO

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What gets measured gets managed (done).

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Practice Management Services

What We Can Provide:

You’ll need a Business Plan that demonstrates how the practice will be profitable. We will also provide the ideal Optimal Business Management model needed to be able to take your existing historical information available from financial reports provided by your accountant and produce Budgets for the next year. Then, on a monthly basis, we present real time financial information to you in a way you understand and then predict (do Forecasts and What If Scenarios any time you want) to show you where your practice will be in the future. If the predictions are not ideal, we will help you to make changes with our forecasting tools that will allow you to predict a better outcome and what you will need to do to get there. We will help you.

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Knowledge without application is useless.
All good performance starts with clear goals.
Ken Blanchard

These components are part of Tracker Enterprises, Inc.’s unique and proprietary tool called Intuitive Financial Forecasting (IFF) that will show your Where You’ve Been, Where You Are, and Where You’re Going to allow you to see if you are progressing as planned.

When it is obvious that the goal cannot be reached,
don’t adjust the goals; adjust the action steps.


You Need Access to Answers to These Questions …

  • Is the practice experiencing unusual gains or losses?
  • Are profits holding or improving?
  • Are profits keeping pace with expenses
  • How does income compare to expenses?
  • Are changes in assets and liabilities consistent with the growth needed?
  • Are there any signs of financial distress?
  • Are accounts receivables at an acceptable level?
  • Are there any unusual liabilities?

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