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Monthly Analysis

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What Is a Monthly Analysis?

Not every doctor/owner likes pouring over financial statements, practice management reports, or spreadsheets each and every month, nor does that owner have the time. That doctor’s time is always spent more valuably when that doctor does the business of his/her business, which is examining, diagnosing and treating patients.

With that thought in mind, Tracker Enterprises, Inc.™ takes the information provided by the financial statements, the practice management reports and the spreadsheets compiled by Tracker’s Intuitive Financial Forecasting (IFF)™program and then analyzes those results and puts them in an easy to read Word.doc format that the doctor/owner can read and understand in 30 minutes or less.

This written Analysis allows the doctor/owner to see how the practice has done, how it is doing, and what it is expected to do for the remainder of the year. Following the doctor/owner’s reading of the Analysis, a phone or Zoom-type meeting is scheduled by Tracker to meet with the doctor/owner to discuss the interpretations and recommendations based on that Analysis. These meetings are recommended to occur monthly following Tracker’s preparation of the Analysis after Tracker has received all of the financial and practice management reports from the doctor’s office.

During this meeting, the doctor/owner and Tracker will revise and update a plan for the remainder of the year so that the practice will meet or exceed the doctor’s goals.

This is an abbreviated sample of a written analysis for a doctor/owner. Imagine receiving this on a monthly basis so that you can understand the health of your practice in less than 30 minutes.

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Tracker Enterprises, Inc.™ will help prepare a monthly Analysis for your practice
and meet with you on a monthly basis to prepare you better for the future.

For more information about understanding how utilizing a monthly Analysis will help you with better decision making, contact us and/or read Chapter 19 of Dr. Pavlik’s book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals available at Amazon by clicking here.