What If Scenarios

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What If Scenarios

Is the ability to see the future outcome of my decisions a myth or a reality?

What Are What If Scenarios?

At any time during the year, you might be considering making a change that will probably affect your production, revenue, and/or expenses.

In order to predict or estimate how that change might affect the financial impact on the practice, it would be very advantageous to have a system in place to allow you to plug in the considered change(s) and see how that might affect the next month and the remaining months going forward throughout the year.  

“What If Scenarios”, show, in advance, what might happen if certain changes occur, and therefore, allow the business owner to decide if the change will result in a negative or positive consequence. What If Scenarios are already built into Tracker Enterprises, Inc. Intuitive Financial Forecasting (IFF) program. This is made available to Tracker’s clients throughout the year so that the owner can better anticipate a change before a final decision is made.

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Tracker Enterprises, Inc.™ will help prepare What If Scenarios for your practice at any point in time.

For more information about understanding why doing What If scenarios will help you with better decision making, contact us and/or read Chapter 19 of Dr. Pavlik’s book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals available at Amazon by clicking here.